Atelier Monnier Wants to Thank You for Your Loyalty! 

Get 10 Points for Every $10 You Spend at Atelier Monnier and Redeem Your Points for Any Product We Have in the Cafe or Boutique

Here is a list of rewards you could get 

 – Redeem 50 points and get a Free Baguette, Croissant or Danish
– Redeem 60 points for a Free Scoop of Sorbet or Ice Cream
– Redeem 100 points for a Free Individual Tart or Cake
– Redeem 110 points for 3 Free Macarons
– Redeem 200 points and get $10 Off any Wine Bottle
– Redeem 360 points for a Free Delivery in Miami Dade County
– Redeem 440 points for One Free Box of 12 Macarons
– Redeem 500 points for One Free Wine & Food Pairing for One
– Redeem 650 points for One Free Cake Serving 6
– Redeem 740 points for One Free Box of 20 Macarons
– Redeem 990 points for One Free Ice Cream Cake Serving 10

 Don’t wait any longer to start getting some of those yummy rewards.

Here is how it works 

 – Download the App PUNCHME Card on your Smartphone and find ATELIER MONNIER
– Get your rewards card in store

– To enjoy free food items, you need to earn points
– Get 10 points each time you spend $10 at Atelier Monnier
– The more points you collect, the more rewards you earn

So don’t forget to ask about our PUNCHME rewards program next time you visit one of our stores !

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